August 1st, 2016


took tumble.

stepped in hole.  did hold on to leash.  ankle twist not bad at all, v. initial fears.

little scrape/bruise/bang/wrench ache and pain transmissions from several body sectors ping brain, join current regular such experience.  all adds up to more-than-low-grade unpleasant.  wanna doff bra and soak & ice & sleep through things, and drug them.  and tell someone (thus this).  and not go to out fest practice tonight.

this no doubt in mix:

    sleep night.jpg

today just grind-it-out day.  today not day for taking on extra.  today not day for squeezing in grocery store.  today not day for squeezing lover in grocery store.  nor squeezing fruit.  today not day for fruit, lover, squeezing, grocer.  today just grind-out day.