July 16th, 2016

connect the dots

a temperate day

It's not that hot today. Saturday. Nonetheless a certain hairy creature and I have been taking it easy this late afternoon, early evening, after romping around. I also got to the grocery store today, and have some food I want to cook tonight, along with doing a few other things around the house. I turned down an invitation to go to the movies tonight, in fact. So I hope I do more this evening than keep watching old episodes of Orange is That Lesbian Show With The Theme Song You Get Sick of Quickly. And I think I will. But not crazy lots more. Cuz it's pleasant. With the windows open. And the snoozing' pooch.

I have some social plans for tomorrow that involve some people I like meeting me here before we go out. They've never been to my place before. At most they'll pop in.  But I may very well be re-entering a stage of having people over to my house.  Having them see where I live, finally, feels like it might be part of such a thing.

After a kind of crazy day Thursday, all stirred up, I seem to be doing a little steadier these past coupla days. In a certain sense it's already tomorrow, it's already Monday, it's already a certain sad future that's been coming for so long it feels like it's just switching from the dread here and ahead of me to the dread of now and forever. I know the dread so well. It folds into me. I need to turn it into fertilizer and grow something in it. From it.

I'm in my old chair, which sits next to my new chair, which came Wednesday, and which Manny's curled up in, happily. Right now I can only reach the charging cords from here. But that'll change. That'll change as soon as I want it to.

Found The Indelible Alison Bechdel: Confessions, Comix, and Miscellaneous Dykes to Watch Out For, which I finally have to take back to the library, after renewing it 55 times.  Guess I'd better finish reading it tonight.