July 8th, 2016

double five

a post-CD world, trash talk sotto voce, etc.

I'm going to be getting a new computer at work, and it won't have a CD drive.  My vehicle has no CD drive, and my newer computer at home, same thing.  If you count when you have to have an add-on adapter thingie to read or use something as the point of its primary obsolescene, I'm now about there for CDs.  They sure had their run, tho.

Oddly the local used music store is more interested in lps right now.  I sold 'em maybe a dozen records and 4 or 5 CDs for $60, including The Big Chill soundtrack, which used to be a dime a dozen, in cut-out bins everywhere.  Dude was like it's double nostalgia--- kids nostalgic for the record their nostalgic parents had.

Played some bones yesterday evening.  I liked it.  Saw peteralwayAlway's at the library. Discovered Fruffles (which Whitney Falloon argues should be called "Frownies") amidst a lot of other stuff, like the weirdly sweet agony of love.  It's all kind of soft-rattling around in me today.

I feel pretty good.  It's not gonna be that hot tomorrow (high 80°F).  The world, and our country, is a violent, scary place, and we a violent and scary people.  Yet I am going to eat lunch, and put a good chunk of items into publication, and take my doggie outside for a spell, and that's all the further-ahead thinking from this moment I want or need right now.  One beet red Keen Newport 2 in front of the other, to the noodles in the microwave and the UV-radiated water dispensary, then back to this chair and some stapled-together sheets of paper and the magic PUBL button.  That's now.  That's next.