July 7th, 2016

night ice

It slowly dawned on me, as I listened to the radio, driving in to work this morning,

that the people talking weren't talking about the killing of Alton Sterling, so maybe this was an interview with relatives of a previous victim of police violence, but, wait, could it be that another story has broken overnight?  It could be that, but --- could it be that?

And it was that.

It's utterly sick that the Baton Rouge story, horrifying as it is, didn't shock all the shock in me to the surface.  It was shockingly extreme, and shocking to look at (on video), but also not shocking at all, because that's what happens.  That's what happens all the time.  Yet, even having just, yesterday, in my mind and spirit, touched again on how not uncommon it is, when another video broke another such story through to the masses, again, so soon, and so now for these coupla days we're hearing about it and seeing it every day, this everyday horror of everyday injustice, I do sit at my desk in a stupifying shock.  It's not the shock that this great wrong happens every day.  It's the shock that this is how it is.  We have to accept that this is how it is.  This is how it is.