June 27th, 2016


Finding A/C, in 3D

Yesterday I went to see the Disney Dory movie.  During the closing credits I was watching the fishies and all the names & jobs, and thinking about how much that kind of animation has evolved (had been thinking earlier of the uncanny valley), and somehow that got me to thinking about my dead parents and what I've lived to see that they didn't.  Sure, that "somehow" is quite probably connected to the fact that I'd just watched 100 minutes of Dory looking for her lost parents.  Anyway I got to imagining catching them up, if they were suddenly here.  Telling them about what's happened.  Showing them my phone.  Which I should probably get a new one of in case they do show up.

My mother was still around for email, and the early days of the internet.  My father died in 1984, though, and my word but a lot has happened that way since then.  It's interesting to ponder what he'd think of stuff.

So as I was driving home from the movie I was thinking about this idea of their suddenly showing up, and how the dynamic of me having information they didn't have and the conversation being about me telling them how things are would be different, and refreshing.  And how maybe it'd be nice if they were here but couldn't talk.  Like, I do all the talking.  And I could tell them all sorts of stuff about me and my experience, from the sort of assumption that they'd be interested and respectful and sympathetic and, like, care.

I guess I'd have to tell 'em about 9/11, and ongoing war, and drones, and the increasing economic gap, and the weirdly rich university town, and big-picture bad stuff like that.  There's big-picture good stuff too, I know.  But mostly I think I'd want to show them my phone, tell them about my life as if they cared, and take them to a 3-D animated movie.