May 30th, 2016

ella chin in hand


You said it was like when your grandmother was still alive
and for me it's like all it is for me, plus that, and there's
no two ways around those whole nine yards, in the very air.

My old friends' old dog died.  She was 108.  Bessie Mae.  The big goof.

Been rewatching The Sopranos.  We're about to be joined by Steve Buscemi.  Tony and Carmela are separated.  Furio fled, leaving the future Nurse Jackie devastated.

Third day in a row afternoon thunderstorms never came.  Another coupla days and we'll have the highs in the 70s that got skipped over, 60s to 80s.  I love the 60s, but the 70s are very good too.

The stars and planets are crystal clear tonight.  ♫ Are the stars out tonight?  I can tell it's not cloudy, but bright.  🎶