April 28th, 2016

connect the dots

I was just looking into "breadth" and "broad" and saw ...

... at the Visual Thesaurus site an article (containing articles) that sort of accidentally pointed out to me how Nellie Lovett and Sweeney Todd bonded over delighting in making each other laugh with wordplay.

Looks like the Putting On a Show committee is going to go along with the assertion (that Tracy feels the same way about) that we should make our question for the audience in this show grammatically incorrect, on accounta the off-puttingery of "whom".  Just now I'm thinking we could put a little disclaimer on the back in tiny print that sez yes we know it should be "whom" but we're being wrong on purpose, just in case you were wondering, you quibbler.

Speaking of the boss, she's not in today.  Neither is The Boss.  Not too long ago I saw The Boss.

I can tell I need a break from this synaptic sinkhole, quicksand, sandtrap, thang.  Habit.  Pattern.  Also I'm hungry.  Hey, maybe it's a blood sugar thing.

An old question of Grothendieck involved in which cases a certain \subseteq is an equality, when we're talking general ringed topos and multiplicative sheaf, you know, all bundled up with torsion parts and obstruction classes.  That kinda biz.  Torsors.  Who the hell knows.  It's (CW-)complex.

Rain, slow and dreary, off and on, all day today.  sprig5 missed all-day socked-in rain when she moved out east from Cincy.  She missed the chili, too, I believe, and a number of other Cincinnati things.  I think of her when we have such a day, and I appreciate it more, having taken in what a thing it is to appreciate, quite apart from the agronomical, in its all-day slog gray slow wet -ness.

I'm gonna eat something now.  Then Brauer and Grothendieck and Hornbostel & Schr\"oer (Jens & Stefan, resp.) (of D\"usselfdorf & Wuppertal, irresp.), as laid out by Flores, Ram\'on J.  All the while half-pondering (not Mrs. Reagan & Mr. T but) Mrs. Lovett & Mr. T., and new thoughts on the stuff of people stuff S. Sondheim laid out for us there.