March 31st, 2016

connect the dots

Someone left her wallet out in the rain.

2 hours in the office parking lot, open-faced.  Getting surprisingly dirty, as well as drenched.  Stuff offa trees, I think.  A mess.  (Someone = me.)

This after I discovered this morning the dog'd chewed up a hunk of the lining of my still-new-ish winter coat.  I wasn't the most laugh-it-off dog mom about that, I admit.  I didn't even let her lick the peanut butter in her morning Kong before tossing it in her general direction; nor did I say what a good doggie she was.  Well, not after I found the coat thing and before I got out the door.

It's sloggy ucky rainy and socked in to-day.  My wrist is sore.  A few people are out at work.  The atmospherics seem to call for a nap.

Gotta do a few things at home before getting an estimate next week on a new roof.  Plus oughta arrange for another estimate, like a savvy consumer, wisely navigating the hoo-ha of her economic milieu.  Did I mention nap?  Naaaaap.


nap (verb, intransitive)
     Old English hnappian "to doze, sleep lightly," of unknown origin;
     apparently related to Old High German hnaffezan, German dialectal nafzen, Norwegian napp.
connect the dots

the day gets weirder

Driving back from pup (who's happily suffering no apparent deleterious effects of coat lining consumption) I passed someone on the other side of the road at the new bridge near the stadium who'd either broken down or pulled over right to the curb, just as the height of the bridge, and seemed to be talking on a cell phone but circling more than pacing, and then MAYbe (was I imagining it, in my mirror?) moving to climb onto or over the little wall.  I went ahead and called 911, and went through a weird series of questions in which I was unable to characterize (I think) her or the vehicle in categorical categorical terms.  Then felt foolish for having made the call.

Worst case, they send a car to a stranded motorist, and it's maybe not 911-worthy.  Still, I told Bert about it when I got back to the office, on accounta I just wanted to tell someone.

Of course now I'm telling you.  But you're not here.

I was in touch with a gut instinct against suicide.  Like if that's what she was up to, somebody oughta stop her.  Even though it's obviously none of my business.

That bridge isn't that high.  People survive higher, lots.