March 2nd, 2016


how old Barbra is

We have a winner --- nick_101, who was just one year off (guessing 74), cuz Barbra S. is 73.  Runners-up were wednes, queerbychoice, and springheel_jack, who all chose 75.  Most off were browngirl, at 68, and weebleswobble, with 85.  The most common wrong answer was 77.

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I saw poliphilo writing of tarot cards today, and did a little online tarot plucking.  Contemplation via divination:  a practice of suspended disbelief.  Why the hell not.

One of today's things is deciding how much to say, and how to say it.

I celebrate finding the heart to try to engage.

Generally, engaging is a big thing.

These days it is especially so, for me.

I just remembered that one of the things I'm going to tell Michael Moore is about Katie K***ss and After Hours.