January 29th, 2016

free cheese

It's almost February.

It doesn't seem as if we've had as much of winter as we have.  But I guess it's the several weeks of February and the first bit of March that are when it usually gets to dragging me down, in the this-has-surely-dragged-the-hell-on way, and that's still to come, with a leap day thrown in there t'boot.

This weekend I really need to do some decent grocery shopping, and attend to some household things.  I had a vague movie date but an infant's company is looking to win out over mine.

Was just thinking of the Ann Harding character in an old movie I haven't been able to bring myself to delete off the DVR, though I've watched it quite thoroughly at this point (including last night) (whether Donald Trump can believe it or not):  When Ladies Meet (1933).  Myrna Loy's in it too.  But that Ann Harding is something.

Dignity is nothing when nothing is challenging yer dignity.

It seems Ann Harding ended up doing TV in the '50s, and had her bigger moments in the movies early--- and they include her having played Linda Seton (the Katherine Hepburn role) in the earlier version of what I've sometimes called my favorite movie, Holiday.  And that version, which I've never seen, is in the public domain and free via archive.org.  And Edward Everett Horton has the same part in it he has in the 1938 one.

Ann Harding Never Cut Her Hair  <-- title for poem