January 27th, 2016

winter house

I need a new wall clock.

It will be on a lime green wall (with a blue wall nearby, and later a lavender wall even nearer by), above a rectangular slab of (largely red) multi-colored mosaic that vaguely represents watch/clock inner workings.  So I *think* I'd like it to be round, but not necessarily.  And my general inclination is simple, with arabic numerals in a pleasing font.  But I'm not married to any of that.

Do you like any of these?
(a) metal/cage mesh (b) rocket round 

(c) rocket not round(d) robot 

(e) retro (f) metal oval-ish

(g) translucent, blue (h) translucent, white

(i) simple    (j) Grand Hotel

(k) blue Telechron (l) school