December 29th, 2015

free cheese

I do this cuz Peter does: first sentences of first posts of each month this past year.

I dreamed I was holding Betty Draper,

So much happened today

Years ago I had a dream about my inner tiger, and trying to push it back down.

This here's a tracking-crazy mental processes meandering postulation post.

So I will share this room with you

I totally forgot I could park in the lot today.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Hail, hail!

I skipped (well, held off) (it's on the DVR) watching the end of Back to the Future III (which one I'd not seen before) to get the dog a brief adventure this afternoon, and this evening I skipped (held off on) finishing up a stage within today's stages of my tidying project to go into town for the annual Labor Day screening (free to students) of Casablanca.

Hi, mostly people I don't know in person.

Had an ocular migraine before bed last night.