August 20th, 2015

MR door

I really should go away somewhere, just to go away.

It's so quiet at the office this week.  It's even easy to park on the street.

Starnes wants me to come see her.  And bring the dog.  It's hard to imagine.  I've got tree service folks coming to give me an estimate soon-ish, and figure I'd better wait for the blow of that expense before I begin to think of leaving town for any real trip.  Not to mention I have all manner of stuff to do here, and it's coming into my favorite season (boy is it nice out there today),  But I have it in my head again to make a quick jaunt, with good timing, because I think it's bad for me not to leave the county for, like, years at a time.  Bad for my health.  My spiritual health.

Meanwhile, I'm metabolizing.

Saw some wimmin last night I've known for quite a while.  Came away feeling like quite the free agent, independent operator, unmoored soul, soveriegn nation, unfettered engenderer.  As well as person with stains on her shirt.  As I left I ran into another woman, this one one I've known only in a parking lot, and soon she detected the arrival of one I hadn't met but had heard tell of.  The two tried to get me to defect to their contingent, and to stay and drink with them.  But I got gas and went home.  Such was the choice of this free agent.