February 8th, 2015


I'm experimenting with transitioning.

I've considered it fleetingly in the past, but I didn't actually flirt with the idea for real until a fortnight ago.  It feels a little like jumping ship from the team I was playing with, and have identifed with, and it's awkward and weird and makes my head feel funny, but it also is quite natural, and comfortable, and fits with what seems to come out of me naturally.

So I'm gonna play with it a little more this week and see what I think.  It's fluid.  I can always transition back, and then switch again, and then switch again, if I want.  But if I get on a roll in the new role, I'll stick with it for a few months, at least, cuz that's how long we'll be working on these next songs.  And yeah, if I had to bet right now, I'd say I think I'm gonna try being a tenor.  Cuz I can, and it'll be a mind fuck, and I won't have to sing any of those notes up there above C above middle C, or even that C, or even the B or the A.