December 4th, 2014


I remember that night.

There's another picture somewhere that has stuck with me.  And my own imagery, particularly from the parking garage.

So today I had a run-in with the law, but the more significant thing was seeing Birdman.  I was a little distracted, now that i think about it, by all the near-miraculous long tracking shots, and just now I'm wondering when/if I'll just get so used to those that I won't be paying attention to them.  But it was some good movie.  There I'm using "movie" as one of those non-countables, like in They provided good service or the blow-job-related one I think of first but would just as soon not type for you, here in this first post from my new notebook [computer], which I guess it'd be old-fashioned to call a laptop, and I resist using the brand name.  Just "notebook" still means something else too.

A decent day, all in all.  Words, schmurds.