January 27th, 2014


So what else is new

It's snowing.

This woman I barely know who turned 50 wanted in the bar to request "Nothing's Gonna Harm You," but it didn't go anywhere. Most people don't know it. I know Sweeney well, tho, having been taken to the city for it at an impressionable age by one of the Saving Graces. I wanted to sing it for the birthday woman a capella; I wanted everyone in the joint at 9 o'clock on a Saturday to know it too and do the same.

Tonight, at bedtime, I sang it for myself. Lo, this now I know Sondheimally, deep:

  Being close and being clever
   Ain't like being true.

My lungs have fluid in them. It makes me feel the inside of them more easily.

Today was a good day.