December 21st, 2013


Voice recognition grocery list

My voice recognition grocery list reminds me to get ^ Juice.

My LJ phone app initially calls it my grocery lust.

Life is way not all words, howe'er. WDET has the Stanley Bros singing "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem," for instance. My fingers are cold from standing in the weather chatting, not painfully cold, just cold. A giant pick-up shows disrespect for boundaries. There is cold round water in the air. I have suddenly thought of pot roast & Sunday potatoes.

It could partly be low blood sugar, I feel compelled to say in that undercutting/jinx-proofing magical thinking way, but I feel intimations just now of how I'm not fully alone if I'm really with myself. Yeah, that's self-help namby-pamby hoo-ha, and I won't think it consistently for the next several days, but I'm saying here and now that it would be nice to do so, and part of the life I want to have by making it for myself is believing that more---more often and more fully. And I'm noting that I can kinda smell it. I can kinda smell something that smells like it might be that.

But now I'm going to go gather such things as ^ juice. I'm so overdue for the grocery store. The grocery store is great, literally, as the word comes from the idea of the person who buys a lot of something (great, gross) to sell piecemeal to others.

And there are also the many parts of life that are not about words.