November 20th, 2013


One summer I took two months of Wednesdays off.

Wednesday off makes a 5-day week into 2 2-day weeks.

In another window Paul, our new choral director (and our former piano player) is singing Miss Celie's Blues's alto 2 part.  Was heading to bed early, but with one thing and the other on the computer here it doesn't look as if I'll be snoozing particularly early tonight.

Paul has a smooth voice.

When I was a kid I thought more people knew how to play the piano than do.

Did a lot of physical stuff today.  The most accomplishment-y was mulching the leaves in the yard with Bert's lawnmower.

One of my neighbors got his new roof today.  It's this old-lookin' style of shingle I've wondered about whether you can still get.  Diamond-shaped.  I've seen 'em on older houses downtown.  I like 'em.

There was something absorbing about watching the guys tear the old roof off yesterday.  The dog and I just stood there staring at them.  It wasn't fascinating.  Just hypnotizing.