July 24th, 2013

double five

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It's all good-chilly and quiet-peaceful in the cold air, here as the night really settles in.  Took long midnight walk.  Such reluctance I have to shut it down, while no one's up, and the gigantic moon reflects its flashlight through the thin sweeping clouds.

I'm on drugs.  There's that too.

Went from one gang to another to another tonight.  Then to whatever old movie was on the old movie channel, which was a 1940s film about people on a boat who mostly don't yet realize they're dead, and then they do.

Something about the sky is warping the sounds from an airplane or two, to sound more like spaceships.

My mind is heavy.  The fuzz of sleepiness takes the edge off.  Or the edges.  Maybe it's the edges.  My mind is heavy and fuzzy; my heart is strong.  I stand out in the open and hold my hand to my chest, looking up at that moon, and let flow through me how I let flow through me all I'm letting flow through me.