June 6th, 2013


There's an app for the summer festival, and I downloaded it, but here.

In my semi-old-fashioned way I give you this picture of the list of movies playing outside there this summer.

I rarely get to any of them.  Last year none, I think.  Too bad you can't take your dog.  Lula might like Big, I'm thinking.  Except for the fortune telling machine fortune teller, and maybe the giant piano.  Neither she nor I have seen The Iron Giant; wonder if that's any good.  I'd certainly not mind seeing Moonrise Kingdom again.  Or Skyfall or The Hunger Games, which I missed both of.

Lula would not like Grease.  I feel pretty certain about that.  Lula would be like, "Whatever."

Lula isn't sure about Sixteen Candles.  I can't remember whether I saw it or just think I saw it or might as well have seen it, having seen at least a couple of those.  On the right night, though, and in the right mood, it'd be just fine outside.

It seems wrong for Rocky Horror to play out-of-doors.  Rocky Horror is for dank, dark, musty interiors (and questionable folk with over-the-top dorkball enthusiasm).