April 17th, 2013

cynical man

I learned a new bit of ephemeral slang.

I give it another year or two, tops, now that it's getting some play (perhaps after use on TV's "New Girl" last fall). But that's not to say it isn't useful. It's "emotional fluffer." Evocative, no?

(ETA: why does this site keep adding "blah" as my mood? I am never intending to label posts with a mood of "blah", or a mood in general, really, since, like, year 1 of my typing here.)
double five


Hello, Now.  Here we are.  Hi, Here.

Spent a lot of time with you two
through the years.  Constant
companions.  Yet I flirt with
the others just about all the time.
I struggle to give you my complete
attention.  K-Mart shoppers


a line is a unit of attention

my Now poem breaks out!  my Now
poem says this is what I'm doing Now!
--- but ---uh-oh---  The flash interrupts:
I have new games that can be played.

So I'll curl up & get lost in that for a spell
and in a really sick doubly distant way
be connecting where the connecting is not
otherwise Now,
            or even Nowabouts

My feet are cold.  My knee is old.
I have a bird I like to hold,
but for the bird part.  Now is the time
for all quick brown foxes to jump,
might as well jump, back against the record machine,
if you see what I meander along doing, all this
coming from the noggin, unbidden, and I was just
a moment ago taking stock of Now sensations.

Hi, Now.  Hey.  Here.  How's it goin'.