April 11th, 2013


There will be no deductible?

Because I have broadened something-or-another?  This is really good news.

Shall I celebrate by renting a car while mine's being fixed?  A rental car can be so much fun.  A chance to see what they've done with cars in recent years.  The shop has loaners but there's a multi-week wait to get your car fixed when you can get one of those.  I could wait weeks, I guess, with a passenger door that opens only far enough for not-real-big people to get in.

I attended to some other pesky business like that in the form of pestering the people who still haven't got my re-made glasses to me, and also took care of a little backlog of personal correspondence, and found an envelope to mail my state tax payment off in.  Plus the freezer has a full supply of FroBones, and, like, well, lots of little things I've been getting to.  Lots of them I haven't, too, but, hey.  Like, hey.  Like, whoa.  Like, uh-hunh.