April 4th, 2013


This is supposed to be a poem that tells a lie,

but I don't feel like such a poem, it seems, having sat with the idea for more'n 24 hours.

Got a lot done yesterday, particularly considering the slow start and insufficient rest, and the fact that it ended with watching much of the stoner movie Pineapple Express, quite sober yet somehow still thinking I could smell the reefer.

Yes, I just italicized the name of a film, like some old person.

Okay surely I can knock off some quickie for that assignment, the lie poem.  C'mon, me.  It's an exercise, just do it, just do it like you did the hip strengtheners this morning even though you really didn't want to.


Alright how about this afternoon.

poem telling a lie + using as its title a Banksian spaceship name (from @cultureshipname)

Egress Checklist

The exits are marked, and well-lit, with no hinges
Improperly set or located, or stuck;
You won't be obstructed, however you go,
And you’ll opt for the easiest route, with your luck.
The ramp slope is gentle, the path it is clear---
Whether danger is present or not, there's no doubt
The deep fear is bubbling, it’s time to escape,
For this is your way:  Out.