March 30th, 2013


(no subject)

Up Her Alley were defeated pretty soundly tonight by Gutterly Rediculous.

I haven't seen my houseguest all day. Taking her to the airport in the morning.

Had the pup out at Gallup for the first time in a while. She had stretches of being pretty good at "with me". We wandered around so much I had rather unfresh legs for bowling.

This is a good kind of tired, tonight, though. Vs. the kind after being up so much in the night with the sick animal. Maybe before I pass out I'll do that thing about declaring how I'm going to remember my dreams. Like Steve did for a bit, and it worked, except then he was remembering nightmares, so he stopped.

Reminds me of the unusually forthcoming lines I included in my missive this afternoon to the girl in Singapore, about feeling things.

Your superstar is now signing off.