January 14th, 2013


"It's better than sex," he said, but I couldn't quite do it hard core this morn.

It's contrast baths.  Specifically, the shower version of 2 mins under cold water before the warm/hot.  The part that's so good is when the warm starts.  But it came up cuz of the not fighting the cold, not shrinking from unpleasant sensation.  How much easier it is to take when endeavoring just to let it happen.

The Brits don't just endeavor, you know.  Nor was the Shuttle merely Endeavor.


So if it's like making the bed, I get extra points for doing it badly.

See, I decided a while ago to make my bed every day, with the strong stipulation that making it badly is okay. Soon I realized that making it badly is better, cuz then I get a made bed PLUS a judgment-free interaction with self. An episode of anti-perfectionism practice. Dig?

I'm on night two of setting out to write in the paper journal daily for a fortnight. Am
tired and will likely scribble semi-unintelligibly. I think I'd like to meet a higher standard in writings there than the minimum. And here I am, avoiding it until I'm exhausted.

I was exhausted at 10 a.m.

Things are good, tho.

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