December 10th, 2012


let there be light

and lights

i just put up some more lights

moreover there has been shedding of light on murky stuff

some murk remains, murking murkily, but light is good

such reflexes i have to question my inclinations: i have worried a little that maybe it's bad to feel good and light with the light, or to feel so relieved with it, or to feel whatever i feel

it isn't

i got this mega-bright halogen work lamp this afternoon that was on sale for $21.99 from $31.99 --- check it out at your local ACE hardware --- comes with a tripod and everything --- and i have been using it as a reading lamp

it kinda freaks the cat out, how bright it is

it gets really hot too and surely could start a fire if one of many things that could go wrong did

and it could hurt your eyes looking right into it, i bet

light so strong needs to be (at)tended (to), sure

but light is good