July 5th, 2012


dance the dance

that( title)'s got nothing to do with what i'm gonna say now, which is i dunno whether i want to "restore" my new phone to my old one's last back-up.

  preserve contacts
  keep custom ringtone
  a few paid apps

  lotsa pix to delete (like LOTSa) cuz i wasn't deleting lots of pix
  lotsa crap apps in the mix
  it'd spoil the fresh start

of these, the ones it boils down to are:

  preserve contacts

  fresh start!  without as much work, like.

if my old phone hadn't bitten the dust, there'd have been an easy way to copy the contacts.

ah, well.

got the old phone as a birthday present to myself, three years ago.  hard to believe it's only been three years with the iPhone.  but i guess three years really is rather a long time.