May 17th, 2012


It's been quite a day.

Today our office dog, Bob, died.  And my friend and her family laid her beloved grandmother to rest.  Also I had my first PT and that went well, and there was just a lot of day today.  Here toward the end of the night I found my missing labrys, which is a word the iPhone doesn't know (suggests lanyard).  It doesn't know "girly", either, thinking it more likely I'm trying to say "Gorky".

Got some things done and didn't get some things done.  And, next up, our big concert nights.  Sold out in advance.  I'm looking forward to them in a way (to a degree) that surprises me.

I gather I'm having a couple of booksellers as houseguests this weekend, too, though I haven't heard when they're showing up.  Saturday?  Tomorrow?  Who knows.  I just know I'm going to dinner with 'em on Sunday night.  I've got the place almost ready for a houseguest.  Clean sheets and towels are ready, anyway.  Half the kitchen is fairly clean.

Oughta get my butt to bed.  Tracy's off at an overnight camp-out with a passel o' children.  Me, I'm up just by my own momentum.  Had a nice chat on the phone a bit ago involving, among other things, the concept of worry partners.  You swap worries, basically.  It's less heavy to worry about somebody else's worries, and yet you can let go of your own, the idea is, if you know somebody else is on it.  Has that duty.  Is taking care of that worrying.

I realize I don't believe that I'll walk right again.  This is kind of not the greatest thing.

Goodnight, whoever you are.