April 8th, 2012


facebook does make it harder to avoid the main stream

on something like easter, for inst.

christians seem to expect you to know it's gonna be easter, even weeks in advance.  and who can blame them.  a lot is still organized around it.  plus it's not like i didn't eat me a pazcek on packzi day.  (lookit me, all workin on my spelling.)

my easter morning observations include that it's amazing how wet a sock can get after just a second in a dog's mouth and, uh, ah hell, i already forgot my other easter morning observation.

very congested today.  may be less than ideal company at brunch at seva.  still intend to go, however.  even have the hair dryer out.  oh, maybe that was my observation?  that easter is likely to be the only day in 2012 that i use the hair dryer?  (wet head in brisk breeze not good for very congested.)

sidney the greyhound and danny the large miniature poodle were at the dog park with lula yesterday.  a big-headed dog called bo (or beau) (i sorta think beau, even though he was one of those tough-lookin' dogs) kept licking sidney's not-so-private (when-you're-a-dog) parts, and so sid (who almost surely doesn't actually go by "sid") spent part of the time on the other side of the fence.  shelly said that was okay, though, as one of his favorite things to do outside is to stand and stare.  sure enough, there he stood, staring into the distance.  and he did seem happy.

me, i'm more into sitting and staring.  but i can relate.

may forego the dog park later today, with the wind, and my incipient cold.  our regular long leash park is being torn up for roadway repairs (and some new paths, i heard).  work shall proceed through july.  we can still get around on foot for much of it, at least as it stands now, but our most usual jumping-off points are inaccessible by automobile for the time being.

dog, dog, dog.  food.  staring.  mouth breathing.  socks.