April 6th, 2012

ferndale bar lisa

ate a pain pill

been avoiding that.  don't wanna eat them too often.  don't know how often is too often.

texted carlos this eve.  i love that guy.  i know he's at work and can't get back to me right away, but it was good just to send words to him.  i'd done a dumb thing i shoulda known better than and was suffering the obvious aftereffects.  no, not eating a pain pill.  :)  more like what olja told me recently she read of as "online cutting".

sleepy.  gotta go hang with the dog some more.  we had a long-ish walk, for the neighborhood, this evening, after she ran around in bert's back yard for a bit.  plans for the dog park tomorrow, with shelly's greyhound on hand, if all goes as planned.

my but i do like a greyhound.

oh, hey, carlos just called me on break.  what a sweetie.

i can hear lu chomping on a nylabone in her crate.  what a sweetie.

the cats are sweeties, and bert's a sweetie, and i'm a sweetie too.