March 11th, 2012

masked bobby

three of the four people i attended the hockey game with also experienced a childhood fixation on...

... symmetry in body sensations.

i didn't do the ellipsis for any stylistic reasons.  just the site limiting title length.

today was warm after all winter and sunny and despite the hockey game i spent a lot of it outside.  lula had to have a bath.  my knee hurts and i want to take a pill i'm not supposed to take but i'm going to talk to my doc cuz i think that other doc was at least probably a tad hasty if not outright out of line.  i must figure out the best way to put the questions to my doc.  i hope i can communicate with her without having to have another appointment to do it.

the time change was also today.  how many years have we been doing it for longer?  dst?  oh.  it was 2007.  that's longer ago than i thought.

got some grocery restocking (including expensive things like sauces) and some laundry done this weekend, along with a trip to the symphony and some socializing.  didn't get any decent cooking done.  still need to get the trash out.  tired!  i shouldn't have trouble getting to bed early enough for the new time.

there was a therapy greyhound named odin at the dog park.  odin's sister is stella the drooling great dane.  i think a great dane.  kinda chunky, though.  maybe some other dane-like dog.  anyway odin was SO soft.  and so serene.  so very serene.