March 5th, 2012

masked bobby

Hello [ +PROFILE('FIRST_NAME','','InitCap')+ ],

Love that personal touch.

I had call to buy white bread this weekend.  Went with Texas Toast.  Did you know you can buy Texas Toast in your Kroger's?

Medical matters niggle.  Gonna get at least one ritual of old age in before the AARP card arrives, rather than after.  Not looking forward to it, but most of that is because I don't want to find out there's anything dreadfully wrong with me.  Understandably enough.  If I knew all'd be fine, I could sort of look forward to it in the way one can look forward to getting something over with.

Meanwhile life goes on.  I finally got the first disc of Boardwalk Empire from the library.  I learned the games Bananagrams and Dixit, and enjoyed both.  It was a little weird to be at Great Oak without any of the Great Oakers I know present.  Had some Sunday night sit-and-chat that was nice.  Didn't get to the movies.  Made lasagne again, in what could be the beginnings of a food rut---that's what I used to call it when Mom would get into making one particular thing frequently.