February 24th, 2012

masked bobby

snow day

Not much of a snow day outside, but a snow day from work. Dog fell asleep on the couch---first time---but I've only lately started letting her get on the couch. We romped in Esch Park today. It was still snowraining, and she got wet in a way I noticed, back here on our block, left pleasingly brushstroke-like shapes in her fur.

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I wrote Tessa back, finally, and have that and a week-old letter to Olja ready to go. Guess I'll get back out there with the beast for a bit this afternoon.  A little, anyway, as the knee allows. Looked at the movies to see whether I might want to shell out for a matinee, but nothing's striking my fancy. A nap could be cheaper, and might have better stories to tell me, should I dream.

Gotta stop playing Risk on the computer. I see the territory numbers and vectors of attack in my mind when I'm half asleep. That can't be good.

Took a telemarketing call this morning. Realized I get a kick out of being somewhat real in those calls on the receiving end, too. It doesn't take much to stand out.

I look forward to taking my en-sedz again soon, and hope I won't have to stop again shortly after that, upon test results.  And I also hope for no -scopy procedures.  Sometimes you don't mind being scoped out, but sometimes you'd just as soon rather not.