February 16th, 2012

masked bobby

i have the hiccups

i feel less & less like saying that sort of thing on facebook. the crowd is too big. too many i don't really know. and the conversation is more and more irritating, in its look-perceive-me-this-way ways.

perceive me as someone with hiccups.

i'm anemic, too, it seems. tests to follow.

want to take the dog in to have her gooey ear and red eyes looked at, again. and to see what she weighs. and i'm vowing to get the mammogram i'm overdue for.

i guess there's a facebook way of talking about what ails one. it seems very weird to be sharing daily details of physiological challenges, great and small, with people i knew in elementary school, or vaguely in college, or not really much in high school, or not at all know but for the night we met. and the discourse. the discourse is all over.