February 5th, 2012

ferndale bar lisa

super dooper

going to the segregated super bowl party in a little bit.  right now katie's got lula off for some play--- first time lu's ridden in the veedub.  very exciting.  i scooped the litter box & will shortly take the trash out without any barking.

life goes on apace.

the knee's been enough better that i think it maybe okay to refer to it being somewhat (notably) better.  i'm not out there runnin no 5ks with sarai and sarah or anything, but the walks down the block have been much quicker and less painful.

got some fancy pop and some rugelach to take to the party.  i'm hungry.  ready for a plate of incoherent vittles.  and a chance to win some money (magic ending digits:  NFC -- 9; AFC -- 0).