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December 22nd, 2011

I made a big ol' debt payment today, leaving me cash poor for the forthcoming fortnight, but meaning I won't be paying any interest on my new tires.  But since I'm cutting it so close, it's especially auspicious that Fekidue and his moms (?) found my wallet, dropped on this morning's dog walk, and made it easy for me to get it back.

One funny thing was that I thought my library card'd been lost, but then I found it, and a few other usually-not-there things, in a pocket of the wallet they're, like I say, not usually in.  Maybe they fell out.  The new placement, and just my general conjecture, had me wondering what the finders might have thought about me, based on what's in my wallet.  (It reminded me of a wallet reading of the past, too.)  I'm still a card-carrying (lapsed) member of the ACLU, but that card's pretty darned old; my new Michigan blood donor card doesn't show my history of giving, but it does list me as the universal donor.

Mostly I don't look too interesting, though, I think.  I had some stamps and receipts for maybe-embarrassingly many pet things and a bank receipt that shows I don't carry much of a balance, and my card for the Rec Center, even though it's not valid these days.  A Zingerman's bread card, almost full, after 2+ years.  And a whoppin' 17 or 18bucks, all of it still stuffed in place, 5s and 1s.  And a picture of my brother.  As a kid.  It's a picture I have more copies of at home somewhere, so it wouldn't be such a shame if my wallet got lost.

I'm making the Good Samaritans a thank-you card.  At least they know I'm not rolling in the dough and being cheap about a reward.  :)

Things are pretty quiet at the office, the day before the last day before Christmas weekend.

Things are pretty quiet in general.


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