December 3rd, 2011


long Hot Saturday Night shower, thinkin things over

see how i slipped "hot Saturday night" in there?  i'm so subtle.

i love manny.  he's a love bunny.  though not a bunny.  and the peanut is neither a pea nor a nut.  discuss.

kercov and em brought pearl to the dog park this afternoon when i brought lu.  that was nice, except for the part when pearl started limping.  her feet and legs look so tiny compared to lula's--- and when she runs fast it's all these little small steps.

turned out the little dog olive she was playing with belongs (partly) (at least sort of) to headbump, whom i sure hadn't run into in a long time.  but there she was, with her fetching eyebrows.  i still think of her showing me the weight room years ago.  and of her ex- having said to other women when i wasn't in the immediate area, not long after meeting me & my ex-, something about how nice it is that there was now someone to be headbump's friend.  of course i got that by hearsay, and there's always doubt about whether such a comment was conveyed accurately, but i surely did wonder what might inspire such a thought.  i still don't have much idea about that.

one way this site differs from facebook is if i can talk about headbump here she won't be notified of it.  she'd have to be looking.  and you know she ain't looking here.  she don't even look there.

okay, i just wandered away from this window and noodled about online.  and it's time to wake the dog from her nap and hang out with her.  lu time that's q time.

if winter is a time of introspection, i guess i'm in the mood for winter, in that respect, at least.  but i want something to come of it.  i want it to lead to making my days and nights more to my liking.  and not just by virtue of their involving less that i don't like.  if you see what i mean.