November 7th, 2011


In Which I Cite My Accomplishment

This morning I didn't have coffee cake (a.k.a. crumb cake) for breakfast, though there are pieces left in the pan.  It seemed like an accomplishment to make it the other day, even from a mix, but what really seems like an accomplishment is not eating it for breakfast today.  I didn't want cereal either.  So I made an egg-and-cheese sandwich on toast with some hot dog in there for a touch of meaty flavor (I was nuking several to cut up for dog treats).

Yesterday I had coffee cake at all three meals, with the addition at dinner of Cheetos on the side.  And then I got a Big Mac later.  Hadn't had a Big Mac in quite a while.  Lo & behold, they haven't changed.

I'm not into the induced-ketosis thing, but I do start to notice, I believe, unless it's in my head, well it's in my head either way, the flash of energy of refined carbs that aren't even mostly (or exclusively) sugar, and the drop off to a puddle of sap that can follow.  Oddly, though, I go for these foods more and more.

Of course what other people are eating is probably right up there in yer list of dull things to read about.

I have the day off work---just burning a little leave, and adding to the ease of transition to the new time, though getting another hour should be easy.  It's overcast and to be off-and-on rainy today, however.  I don't see me starting my annual window cleaning project.  But you never know.

Right now I just want to digest my mega-protein breakfast.