October 24th, 2011


re-think backlashy impulses and other mutterings

i'm having a little of the ol' re-think around giving relatively unguarded glimpses into my life here, public or friends-only.

it's a monday night. feels a lot later than 10:51. that's partly cuz i'm a tad under the weather (though fighting it off, maybe, somewhat well) (knock on somethin' and cross fingers for a CPAP-all-night night). thing is, i'm not becoming a morning person. i'm just becoming a not-night person.

i'm stuck with the part of me that picks up little indications of distance and disapproval. but i'm not stuck with what i do with them. or don't do.

over and over again lately, the accidental axiom of tracy b comes up: here's the thing. you've got to let people get mad without caring. that's the thing. substitute "judgey" in there for mad for axiom annex, corollary, w/e it would be.

my throat hurts but i'm glad i went to rehearsal.  the music seemed easier tonight.  it's fun to follow along.  it's fun to count, and to have the harmony.

production meeting in the morning.