October 19th, 2011


Days of rain. Shoes iffy. But email from Steve.

He likes the Google Chrome Angry Birds ad.

I like Steve.  I miss Steve.  We haven't been in touch in a good while.  He sent a picture of him in his new hat.

I could use a new hat.  The new shoes I wanna try on again, but last night they seemed a bit tight.  That was with my crumpley end-of-day socks, howe'er.  Nonetheless, maybe a trip to the cheap shoe warehouse is in order.

It's raining and going to be raining.  Katie and I were going to hang out at the dog park tomorrow, but now she has an airport run and I may not be there anyway, in the rain.  Gotta get creative and wear the pup out inside, I guess, in addition to go-ahead-and-get-wet neighborhood walks.  Cesar the Questionable has dogs on treadmills on his show, as does (I see today) disclaimerwill, dog singular, in his videos; is it worth me cruising craigslist in hopes of someone's cast-off, plus giving up house space for it?  I guess I could cast it back off myself once the dog settles down, if she ever does.