October 14th, 2011

MR door

suggestive paper airplane

The top sheet having suffered the staining of a partial coffee ring, I tore it off the paper pad during this morning's meeting and folded it in half, then into a paper airplane, albeit a funny-looking one, since I'd folded it in half across its middle and then applied a plane-making algorithm I'm accustomed to using on paper folded the tall way.

As the meeting drug on continued, I looked at the flopping-open paper plane from different angles.  It had a floral or starburst thing, seen from one end, particularly if upside-down.  But laid on its top as if it were its back, with the point end furthest from me, it sure did look like female genitalia.  In fact, with a mere one additional fold, it had, between its labia, a bumping up clitoral area and a somewhat hollowed-in vaginal one.

Not everyone looking at it, I'm sure, would have thought of the comparison.  Some would no doubt have thought of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

zoinks, it's friday night

something's going on at the stadium.  the loudspeakers are carrying well in the cold air this evening.

i was thinking while sweeping up rice i spilled while making the dog's and my dinners how one benefit to being in romantic pursuit of another would be that my kitchen floor would surely be nowhere near so filthy.