September 22nd, 2011


Did the dog park & a bunch of yard work & have already made & served dinner to me & the dog.

Screw the dishes. 

Tonight's the pussy movie, among others.

I hear tell it's gonna commence raining soon, and rain off and on for days and days.  Well into my time off work next week.  The tellers may be wrong, of course.  Surely in there there'll be some gaps.

My assessment of the back 40 (times 363 square feet) is that it's a long way from having a let-the-dog-out space, even of a truncated sort.  Not that I ever want to be a just let-the-dog-out dog supervisor/pal.  But a yard she can wander in would sure be grand.  If I struck it rich, that'd be among the handful of things top-of-the-list.