August 28th, 2011


Up late, following hurricane, etc.

Didn't work the dog out a whole bunch today. It was more like a weekday's exercise for her. Gotta give her a good day tomorrow.

I did, however, see a movie in the evening with (as it turned out) two babes and help somebody in the afternoon with part of her moving. And do a good hunk of my freelance. I might be getting another bigger freelance project soon. That'd be good. Hard to fit stuff into life, sometimes, but I wanna. Good to wanna.

The movie was Crazy Stupid Love. It was better than you might expect, with some "but"s I could go into but won't. At least it had some interesting structure to it. One gratuitous fatphobic "laugh" moment ruined a good 20 minutes of it for me, as I grrred. And then I was back in my cultural critic mode, noticing not only the blasé class privilege ignorance it presumed and had no problem with but its treatment of women as well.

That Steve Carrell guy played it less broadly than I thought he might. And this Emma Stone has a good comic touch.

Please, Lu, don't get us up at 7. Nobody needs to get up at 7.