August 25th, 2011

heading into Charm City

Mike Flanagan killed himself

He shot himself in the woods behind his house.

He was a baseball player for Baltimore back in the day. I heard he died, but not how, 'til looking at the press out there for info on anticipation around the hurricane.

This afternoon on the radio I heard "Delmarva," and you don't usually hear that word around here.

People are fighting over whether Mike Flanagan did it because of money or because he felt he had failed in his executive work with the organization.

Me, I just get this general sadness about suicide. Sort of about the way living can get so bad that that feels like an option, and sometimes is an option taken, however rashly, for whatever reasons or lack of reasons---lack of reasons being the heart of it, to me. Sure we'd want there to be a reason. But it's all the same reason: how living can get so bad.

I hope my old peninsula bears up okay under Irene. Whatever that means. I'm thinking of that for-a-while homeland. In a number of ways I'm more from the Eastern Shore than I am from anywhere, though I can't rightly claim to be from there, really.

Sometimes I get jealous of people who are just from some one place, mostly.