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August 21st, 2011

We're meeting a friend there. Moral support for me, mostly. But friend could come in handy in rounding up dog, calming me should anything uncalming come about, driving us to the emergency vet's, etc.

Yeah, I'm kind of making fun of myself here.

I hope. :)

So I'm sitting at the computer while the pup chills a little, and it'd behoove me to put in a load of laundry and maybe get so far as turning off the water to the leaky faucet and popping off the handles and extricating a washer or two. Could also be taking advantage of this time to do the litter box & take the trash out (it's trash day) or make iced tea (there's enough of summer left for more iced tea). But the cats seem to like me being in here while they snooze. And I like it.

The house across the street's going to be sold in foreclosure. Jimi Lee stopped paying the mortgage months ago. She's the neighbor they warned me about because of how she uses curse words when she's outside in public. As if that's what there was that was problematic about her.

It's a cute little house. Cuter'n mine, at least on the outside. On a quiet corner, lots of plants. Wanna be my neighbor? Yeah? By any chance wanna way overpay for the house, so's to help not decrease my property's assessed value too much, so I can refinance some day? Well, of course I don't really want you to overpay. It was just a thought.

Water, poop bags, toys, bug spray, canine first aid emergency kit, ....


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