July 31st, 2011



Early on I thought (and thought "Cool!") of teaching the dog to associate play-bowing with "Namaste," but I when I realized it had "stay" in it, I knew I considered "stay" more important for her to know than "Namaste."

Spent a lot of time with the dog this weekend. She swam today; she swam yesterday. Water-fetched a giant stick today. Also got a little hung up with the leash on the way back in from one swim, and that made for a little nervousness. I'd like her recall to be so solid I could let her off leash on certain occasions. It's usually very good. Rarely fails. Failed once today when she had just grabbed a plastic water bottle, all delighted, when I tried it.

'Sbeen hot out.

Guess I'll go sit with the pup a little. Then hit the shower. It's gonna be a good shower.