July 29th, 2011


the last segment of Paris Je T'aime

I don't know how much sense it makes to stick this here to remind me to look at it (and to offer it to you to check out), but I was just thinking about Alexander Payne's closing segment of Paris Je T'aime. Was posting elsewhere about the stock mocking of fat American tourist characters in an earlier segment of the (collection-of-shorts) film, and how shitty that felt to see, though I didn't mention how it pops into my mind when I imagine someday getting to France/Europe/wherever-else, and then I remembered how touching it was to have the film end with this piece, with (what strikes me as) a human fondness for the central character it is sorta making fun of, but really isn't. Really is actually loving.

Well maybe I shouldn't say that, since I haven't seen it since it was at the cinema (the not-fat-friendly State Theater, specifically), and I mighta romanticized it, but here it is: