July 22nd, 2011

mitto mittere

Kind of a Crush

(sung to the tune of the Hermits'/Carpenters' song?) (i'm not trying to make it scan that way, so good luck if you wanna try.)

i have a kind of a crush on Linda, the new-ish mail carrier, who has dog treats. she's about to retire, though. next week.

i suppose it's not a terribly practical crush.

she lives in Howell.


oh, why not:

  there's a kind of a crush
  all over my corner at 2
  all over my corner, when the mail truck comes
  and i'm out there with lu

  you know what i mean

  just the three of us,
  and the mailtruck & treats make five
  there's a mailtruck & treats, and we're feeling good,
  and i look in her eyes

     and listen very carefully,
     though closer to her, as a possible thing---
     well, i mean,
     it's rather a dream

     the only way that thing could be
     is if i open my mouth and speak,
     and i won't.
     she's probably taken!

  that's some kind of a crush---
  some kind of a crush, when i
  can't manage to note if
  she's wearing a ring,
  or open my mouth

  la la la la-la-la la etc.

  [repeat bridge and chorus-y verse]

You know, Karen Carpenter really did have an amazing voice.  It's a terrible thing, what happened to her.  That family.  Her brother's production values.  Misery and death.

OMG, look what's available online:


So beats my shaky bootleg videotape!

I tell ya, that movie had such an impact on me. Majorly hard-hitting. The goof of the Barbies as a hook drew me in, and then BAM. Freakin' BAM. Never again would I hear "Rainy Days & Mondays" in a casual, dismissive way.