June 26th, 2011

edsel behind chain link


Me, I'm fried. Missed the big going-away party last night. Was too tired from Pride and dog stuff after. Plus the dog has digestive issues again. Then I was having trouble sleeping when I could sleep, and having to get up all night with her. Plus I'm fighting some kind of bug again. Today at softball scrimmage Lu & I just watched.

It felt kinda isolated, but Crazy Hat Ross came over and hung with us a bit, taking a break. I think she's a pretty good egg, that one.

Got clothes in the dryer. So much of the time it feels like it's all I can do to cope with the basics of life and get a little socializing in.

There goes Bert with his recycling. Once in a blue moon I beat him getting the trash out. Damn, I still have to do the litter box and trash, on top of my homework and Sunday evening get-together.

At least the dog's splooting a little less.

And that's the current reportage of the Dear Diary sort, minus the details of the dark nights of the soul.