June 19th, 2011

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Not surprising, really.

Did Gallup Park this morning with the dog. She went in the river, to her knees at first and then to her belly. Her first time. That was toward the end of our time there, on maybe her 15th approach to the water (with about 7 or 8 drinks therefrom among those previous wanderings to the banks). Before that she'd been pretty nuts and pulling and all, but she did get good'n tired out.

I used her tired-out time to mow. I dunno why. It didn't need it badly or anything. But Bert had suggested I might want to, and it's about to rain again for a spate o' days. And he'd made a point to keep the mower accessible for me.

The hope to buy custardfairy a birthday drink this afternoon fell through.

Just put the dog back in her crate. Don't know if the craziness she was running around in was a burst of playful energy or more overtired nuts, but I bet on the latter. Hope I wasn't influenced too much in that choice by my own burnt-out feeling.

Gotta make one more trip to dogsitting before my evening obligation. They're running late on the drive home.